Excessive Lawn Movers and a Black Sheep

Standing in my garden after a long winter, I realized once again how different gardens can be. Some are full of trees, some are just a lawn fenced in with a hedge and some are abounding with flowers, fruits and vegetables.

It’s still cold here and it has rained for the past days but all of my neighbours have already managed to mow their lawn at least once. Cropped like the English lawn in Wimbledon, their gardens are covered in a short sap green velvet. Each blade of grass the same length. What a view.

Wait, what’s that, at my feet? No, not the dog. The green stuff, with the white flowers? Oh, right. I haven’t cut my meadow yet. If I wait too long, mowing will be a pain. But …  I like my daisies. I think I can just let them grow for another day or two, so the bees and I can have our share.

Why do people like mowing the lawn? I think that’s a secret I will probably never discover. I’m just too lazy for that. I’m growing roses, herbs, and fruits instead. For some strange reason, people seem to think that I need to put an insane amount of work in it. Which I don’t. Because it’s less work to cut a rose shrub every three years than mow the lawn every weekend. So while they are working, I’m sitting at my table, reading a book. I’m the black sheep of my neighbourhood. Shame on me 😉

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