Is It Impossible To Maintain A Website?

Did you ever realize how often information on static websites is outdated? Surfing the net, I often come across pages that ask me to “meet us at the fair in … ” (dated 2 years back) or that are “offering the following position as of …” (six months ago).

I realize that most of these sites are coded by somebody who was paid for that job, and who then coded the page of yet another company. But seriously, if you want people to see the awesome things your company offers, it would be a good idea to give them the dates and places where they can meet you. Still getting applications for that position that has been filled a year ago? Maybe it would be wise to just take it down. If you can’t do it yourself, you could ask the person who coded it to do some maintenance for you every now and then. Or one of your employees might volunteer to do it for you. Just don’t let it rot.

If you coded the site yourself or used a template, well then you most likely are either too preoccupied or too lazy to maintain your site. Or you realize that the basic HTML you learned as a student would not make a shiny modern website. Then I guess, you are at a loss.

No, wait, forget about the website, you could try to make a blog instead. Aka: Why I’m blogging instead of trying to code a fashionable website.

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